I am former-founder who has been building marketplaces since 2015. I've grown from being an IC to managing engineering teams in the past few years. My most recent stack is on MERN, and I have built with Python, Vanilla JS, etc.
I enjoy all things tech, design, food, and learning.
Handling JSON to do all sorts of things is my super power!

What is this

Inspired by the two/three column views of LogSeq/Roam; the left-most column contains the broad thoughts (sections), the centre column is the main content, and the right column has supporting notes and references.
This is a blog built on LogSeq (a. Roam alternate), styled with SemanticUI, hosted on Vercel.
Three amazing tools, and I'll be writing more about them here.



I'm working on

Building a better way to manage your secondary homes via short-term rentals.
I'm hiring! 🎉🎉 Drop me a note on twitter or telegram, if you're interested 😄

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I'm volunteering

At this telegram group helping nodejs/react enthusiasts.
At helping fellow typescript enthusiasts.