Location: Tumkur
It's easy for the most part. There are narrow stairs cut into the rock face, with a handrail for support.
It's difficult at the steep places


Carry a backpack for water and food. There are plenty of shops that operate along the trail after 10am
There are a lot of shallow stairs cut into the rock face. Your ankle will take thew brunt of the trek if you're not careful


Drive from Bangalore on the day of the trek
Start climb at 9:30am
Reach the top at 11:30, relax, and keep away from the monkeys
Trek down, and reach the bottom by 2pm


There are lots of monkeys around. Don't carry a sling bag as it's easy for them to attack those
If a monkey does attack, throw the bag as far as possible from you. They're looking for food, and will leave the bag alone when they find it
There's a minor peak with a Nandi next to the peak, which is a hot spot for these attacks. So is the peak
Use the handrails to the fullest. Finding balance on the small stairs is difficult. Sanitise your hands before and after
There are no alternate paths. Please stay on the trail, as the rock faces are very steep elsewhere
There's on-street parking available near the peak
They can charge you INR 30 as entrance/parking fee
You can wear shoes, even though it's a pilgrimage centre
There are temples along the trail, with paid shoe stands if you want to visit them
There are plenty of shops for food, water, drinks etc along the trail if you're starting late (10am and later)
There're hardly any spots with shade. Hydrate well, and apply sunscreen if you must
Would recommend staying nearby and doing this trek at dawn instead of climbing up in the scorching heat